Mike Darkwater

// drums


Hank and I have been performing in Central NJ bars and clubs since the 70s. Back then I studied with jazz great Tony DeNicola. I get a kick out of interpreting killer beats from Ringo to Kenny Aronoff.  

Henry "Hank" Garcia

// vocals, guitar


Growing up in Central Jersey, I was inspired by our hometown artists and the amazing musical phenomenon of the 60s-70s. Performing these classic tunes is such a blast, especially with this great band.  See you there!

Dave Benedetti

// lead guitar


I studied Classical guitar with Frank Hipp and Rock guitar with Ernie White. Inspired by Hendrix, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Randy Rhoads and many more, I play classic rock with a mix of Classical and Heavy Metal styles mixed in.

Dan Claro

// bass


Classic rock bass is in my blood. I joined DarkWater in 2011, after years of providing the low end in original and cover bands in DE and NJ.  Our unique blend of deep cuts and radio hits keeps the house grooving all night.

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